I watched a marathon of an old TV show “What about Bryan”.  My indulgence in it was purely antiseptic and akin to a drug induced coma.  I had something to sort out; it was painful; I hid.

I was desperate.  I had already watched all the good stuff.  The writing in the show was shallow, the dialogue pure cliché.  They even had to bring in clips of James Garner in the “Notebook” for any semblance of emotional depth.  But I kept watching lest the numbness disappear, the tears and fears surface again.

I kept watching past the deepening irritation of the repeated phrase, “What are ya’ doin’ here?”  This banality read as long fingernails across the chalkboard, insulting my literary sensibilities.  Again and again, every show, several times per show.  Finally it became all I heard.  But I kept watching.

This morning I awoke with the gift.  I awoke from my self-induced coma, not still hearing, but finally listening…..“What are ya’ doin’ here?”

Ahhh, the Universe!  She works in mysterious ways, even when we try so hard not to listen.  Because what Source is listening to is the deep cry of our hearts, past the chatter, past the pain, past the fear.  And Grace responds.

Today is the day of equalization. Day and night no longer contest one another for dominance.          For today.