In joy

Act I’ve

Joy is a state

Enjoy is an action

…to invite joy

…to engage in joy

…to decide to be joyous

…to choose joy over a lesser vibration

Often said, “——brings me joy”.   e.g. Playing with Quintin, my youngest grandson,  brings me joy.

What if I brought myself joy?  What if I was the Source of my own joy?  What if I could play alone in joy?  What if I could capture the feeling of looking into Q’s eyes on my very own?  What if what I saw in Q’s eyes was a reflection of me, my soul?  What if his pure innocence, his loving acceptance, his joy was calling to that very essence of myself?  What if engagement with Q required the setting aside of the mind, the ego, the fearful judgmental ‘adult’?  What if Q simply called out to the child in me?  …asking, “come play with me”…