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Meeting Mary Oliver

She reminds me of Katherine Hepburn. Strong. Independent. Private. Passionately dedicated to her art.

She reminds me of Mother Theresa.  Refusing to engage in promotion of problems.  Living for the lovely.

She reminds me of Creation herself.  Exquisite observation of and attention to detail.  The parables of nature calling forth questions.

She reminds me of the raw spirited women in my writing circles.  No depths uncharted.

She reminds me of me.



In joy

Act I’ve

Joy is a state

Enjoy is an action

…to invite joy

…to engage in joy

…to decide to be joyous

…to choose joy over a lesser vibration

Often said, “——brings me joy”.   e.g. Playing with Quintin, my youngest grandson,  brings me joy.

What if I brought myself joy?  What if I was the Source of my own joy?  What if I could play alone in joy?  What if I could capture the feeling of looking into Q’s eyes on my very own?  What if what I saw in Q’s eyes was a reflection of me, my soul?  What if his pure innocence, his loving acceptance, his joy was calling to that very essence of myself?  What if engagement with Q required the setting aside of the mind, the ego, the fearful judgmental ‘adult’?  What if Q simply called out to the child in me?  …asking, “come play with me”…


Hands folded in prayer

Clinging to one another for strength

Rubbed together producing tangible tingling energy

Clapping to express appreciation and encore

Wringing to dispel anxiety

Clenched in anger

Hand resting on hand…gentle resting embrace

Touching, tapping finger to finger in contemplative thought

The church and the steeple; open up and here are the people

Fingers curled pulling against each other strengthening

Clasped, palpable center circular energy flow

Outstretched to the sun

My Hands

of me, for me, and to me.

Now I to open to another

A handshake

A hug

A wave

A Namaste’ bow

A caress

Being one in circle

My Hands

Cupping   Receiving

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