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If I Were a Fairy

If I were a fairy, I would

no longer have any heaviness of body.  I would instantly do what my mind or spirit desired…or maybe because I’d be more spirit, my mind would not get in the way so much.  But my body would be lighter and more cooperative.

If I were a fairy, I would no longer care what others thought above my own knowing.  I would be a good fairy, but I would not deny my orneriness, my playfulness, my curiosity, my creativity.

If I were a fairy, I would understand reality.  I would know it’s all a game; it’s all a state of mind.  I would understand that it’s all up to me.   ….and I would make it fun!

If I were a fairy, I would scatter fairy dust where anyone was stuck in heartache.  Not all heartache and sadness, just when it was time…and I would know.

If I were a fairy, I would play with Mother Nature and her babies every day.  I would bask beneath Father Sky rain and shine.

If I were a fairy, I would invite people to come and play with me.  And if they said no, I’d ask again another time.

If I were a fairy, I would say “WOW” a lot.  (That means “gratitude” in ‘people’ lingo).

If I were a fairy, I would not even think about love. I would just BE love.

If I were a fairy.



In joy

Act I’ve

Joy is a state

Enjoy is an action

…to invite joy

…to engage in joy

…to decide to be joyous

…to choose joy over a lesser vibration

Often said, “——brings me joy”.   e.g. Playing with Quintin, my youngest grandson,  brings me joy.

What if I brought myself joy?  What if I was the Source of my own joy?  What if I could play alone in joy?  What if I could capture the feeling of looking into Q’s eyes on my very own?  What if what I saw in Q’s eyes was a reflection of me, my soul?  What if his pure innocence, his loving acceptance, his joy was calling to that very essence of myself?  What if engagement with Q required the setting aside of the mind, the ego, the fearful judgmental ‘adult’?  What if Q simply called out to the child in me?  …asking, “come play with me”…

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