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Hoarding produces spoilage.

Succulent garden fresh vegetables lose their life-force merely by sitting.  Food is meant to be consumed when harvested.

Ideas are meant to be acted upon when hatched.

Guidance speaks in the Now and is hushed by Later.

Ignoring or saving for a more convenient time or hoarding from a lack mentality all spoil the fruit, the gift of harvest.

When vegetables are combined with our own essence (eg. Prepared and consumed or  better yet consumed raw) growth occurs.  When left for later, the juices dissipate, the essence is lost, and our life is a tiny bit less…a lost opportunity, an ignored possibility.

Oh, to be open to consuming the juices, the ideas, the growth, the opportunity, the Guidance, the possibility, the ripe fruit of Now.



Lists of things to do

Not lists of things I don’t have done

Lists of things that feed

  My body

  My vision

  My soul

Lists living into the future

Not lists of condemnation and guilt from the past

Lists of possibilities

Lists of opportunities

Not lists of should

Bucket lists, dream lists, vision lists

Action lists, passion lists

Not hope lists, maybe someday lists

Juicy lists, drippy I can’t wait lists

I can’t wait to get up in the morning to start my day lists

Artist date lists

How can I share my joy, my me with somebody else today lists

How can I give back lists

How can I honor Mother Earth and Father Sky lists

Gratitude lists of community

Gratitude lists for challenging, even fearful opportunities

Gratitude lists of simple pleasures

Lists of gratitude lists

They are all gratitude lists

and so it is

For Today

I watched a marathon of an old TV show “What about Bryan”.  My indulgence in it was purely antiseptic and akin to a drug induced coma.  I had something to sort out; it was painful; I hid.

I was desperate.  I had already watched all the good stuff.  The writing in the show was shallow, the dialogue pure cliché.  They even had to bring in clips of James Garner in the “Notebook” for any semblance of emotional depth.  But I kept watching lest the numbness disappear, the tears and fears surface again.

I kept watching past the deepening irritation of the repeated phrase, “What are ya’ doin’ here?”  This banality read as long fingernails across the chalkboard, insulting my literary sensibilities.  Again and again, every show, several times per show.  Finally it became all I heard.  But I kept watching.

This morning I awoke with the gift.  I awoke from my self-induced coma, not still hearing, but finally listening…..“What are ya’ doin’ here?”

Ahhh, the Universe!  She works in mysterious ways, even when we try so hard not to listen.  Because what Source is listening to is the deep cry of our hearts, past the chatter, past the pain, past the fear.  And Grace responds.

Today is the day of equalization. Day and night no longer contest one another for dominance.          For today.

This Is the Day

This is the day.  This is a holy day.

Suzanne is in Peru making prayer ceremony at the feet of a paca, a shaman, expanding her soul in welcome of her budding place on Mother Earth…her place in the healing of Mother and the healing of those who walk upon her.

Our president will accept the Nobel Peace Prize today in anticipation of and commitment to expanding peace.

I go to the local library to initiate the business center created to support local entrepreneurs purposed to contribute to soulful community.

I write little essays inviting folks to look into their souls for the power, the purpose, the passion that is theirs alone.

This is the day.  This is a holy day.

Where do you see the holiness today?

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