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If I Were a Fairy

If I were a fairy, I would

no longer have any heaviness of body.  I would instantly do what my mind or spirit desired…or maybe because I’d be more spirit, my mind would not get in the way so much.  But my body would be lighter and more cooperative.

If I were a fairy, I would no longer care what others thought above my own knowing.  I would be a good fairy, but I would not deny my orneriness, my playfulness, my curiosity, my creativity.

If I were a fairy, I would understand reality.  I would know it’s all a game; it’s all a state of mind.  I would understand that it’s all up to me.   ….and I would make it fun!

If I were a fairy, I would scatter fairy dust where anyone was stuck in heartache.  Not all heartache and sadness, just when it was time…and I would know.

If I were a fairy, I would play with Mother Nature and her babies every day.  I would bask beneath Father Sky rain and shine.

If I were a fairy, I would invite people to come and play with me.  And if they said no, I’d ask again another time.

If I were a fairy, I would say “WOW” a lot.  (That means “gratitude” in ‘people’ lingo).

If I were a fairy, I would not even think about love. I would just BE love.

If I were a fairy.

These Are My Children

My children and grandchildren have a heart for others, expect the best in others.

My children fight/speak/care for and honor the children.

My children call me, their mother, to be and do my best.

Adrian is making artful smart enduring functional homes for people.  He questions and questions and questions and stands firmly by his knowing.  He has a wicked sense of humor.  Fadder Joe even thinks so.

Jarad is counseling farmers and rancher in the care of their stock.  He is teaching them that a man’s word and a handshake still mean something.  He is busting through his fears and insecurities to build a solid family with and for his wife and children.  He has encouraged his children to play and taught them to play well.

Julie is helping teachers teach, students question, individual students believe in themselves.  She is redefining “family” successfully.  She is guiding a brilliant creative child in a safe and playful environment.

Jamie is mothering independent questioning creative loving children…in her home and in her work. She is breaking traditional moulds.  She is standing on her own, through skinned knees with little support; yet she stands…and laughs with them.

These are my children.

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