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The Hurdle

Does the athlete, as he runs approaching the hurdle, view it as an evil thing?  Is he angry at it?  Does he see the bar as the enemy?  Does he tell stories about its defiance of him? Does he use his precious energy telling others of his plight to get over the accursed bar? Does he seek to make contact with the bar to let it know ‘who is boss’?

Or….does he see himself in communion with the bar, visualizing his dance of flight over the bar?

People and events come into our lives for us to dance with.  Some, many, are hurdles.  We try to fly over, make contact, and the bar falls to the ground.  We put the bar back up and try again…and again until our skills are perfected and we soar.

We no longer need to engage in drama.  Why would we want to pick up the hurdle bar, fuss at it and tell it how wrong it is?  We honor the bar that helps us to fly high.  We give gratitude to the experience that beckoned us to call forth the inner strength and beauty that is us.

Not all encounters are meant to be team runs handing off the baton. Some are hurdles, meant to show us we can fly.

This Is the Day

This is the day.  This is a holy day.

Suzanne is in Peru making prayer ceremony at the feet of a paca, a shaman, expanding her soul in welcome of her budding place on Mother Earth…her place in the healing of Mother and the healing of those who walk upon her.

Our president will accept the Nobel Peace Prize today in anticipation of and commitment to expanding peace.

I go to the local library to initiate the business center created to support local entrepreneurs purposed to contribute to soulful community.

I write little essays inviting folks to look into their souls for the power, the purpose, the passion that is theirs alone.

This is the day.  This is a holy day.

Where do you see the holiness today?


Today’s thanksgiving traditions center on family and football.

Thanksgiving number one involved families, yet its greatness lay in community.
Gratitude for bounty is ignorant of cultural lines, separation of any kind.
Bounty invoked gratitude.
Gratitude invoked celebration.
NO ONE was not invited to dinner.

As we prepare the turkey and bake the pies, may we take a heart look at our own tradition.
Is there anyone not coming to dinner…?

Musings from the Middle…

…of what you ask? The middle of America.  Kansas to be precise.

The middle of me.  The heart to be precise.

Ordinary stories of ordinary life evolving into extraordinary outcomes.

Erma Bombeck, Bill Cosby, Garrison Keillor and my grandmother engage life this way.  Chocolate cake for breakfast does contain the essential food groups after all.  The garden tomato suspended in air arches toward her sister’s body. I was the heroine of my grandmother’s stories. It wasn’t so much that these experiences were life changing, but rather life engaging.  What more can we ask for, dear reader, than to simply be engaged in Life.

And I confess, I admit, I bold face tell you that at this very typing, this very moment, my heart is beating fast, the cells in my body are alive with anticipation, tears blur my vision…all at the very prospect of engaging with you…about our everyday lives.

I invite you to come outside your garden wall, to dream beyond your kitchen table.  Let’s muse together…from the middle.

With love and warm welcome,                                                                                            Susan

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