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Lists of things to do

Not lists of things I don’t have done

Lists of things that feed

  My body

  My vision

  My soul

Lists living into the future

Not lists of condemnation and guilt from the past

Lists of possibilities

Lists of opportunities

Not lists of should

Bucket lists, dream lists, vision lists

Action lists, passion lists

Not hope lists, maybe someday lists

Juicy lists, drippy I can’t wait lists

I can’t wait to get up in the morning to start my day lists

Artist date lists

How can I share my joy, my me with somebody else today lists

How can I give back lists

How can I honor Mother Earth and Father Sky lists

Gratitude lists of community

Gratitude lists for challenging, even fearful opportunities

Gratitude lists of simple pleasures

Lists of gratitude lists

They are all gratitude lists

and so it is

Touched or Moved

It is 5:30 in the morning and I am watching Extreme Makeover.  Fifteen minutes into the program and I am on my third Kleenex.  I am touched.  The mother of three lost her policeman husband. In her grief, she reached out to others in their loss.  I am touched.  Her home is beyond repair from termite infestation.  I am saddened.  She asks for help; I am touched.  The daughters are talented, joyous girls; I am touched.  No bitterness lives here; I am touched.  All four of the women are grateful huggers; I am touched.  The town, the volunteers come en masse; I am touched.

Ask and ye shall receive.  She asked and was heard and is receiving.  I am touched.

I am and always have been easily touched.  In days gone by I tried to hide it as it embarrassed others.  I now own my tenderness.

A tender heart is a beginning.  But to stop there is lip service of the worst kind.  What we understand, what we know, what is revealed to us is our responsibility to act upon.  Are we just putting these encounters into a tidy file-folder and ignoring them? And if so, is the folder bursting at the seams, calling to you to deal with the untidy mess of accumulated emotion?

I am pulling my folder out.  The only order to make of it is action.  Examination of it shows a pattern…what tugs at my heart?  Where is my passion?  What talent do I have to give in remedy of these needs?

When we encounter a need in the world, do we sympathize at a safe distance?

Or are we moved by compassion into action?

Ladies and gentlemen it is time to move.

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