Sunday Service

That’s where many of you will be found this morning, this day of rest, this day set aside to worship.

What does it mean to worship?  Is it to bow prostrate with ‘mea culpa’s?  Is it to gather with like-minded folks for some spiritual dusting off?  Is it to learn?  Is it  tradition: what we’ve always done as our parents before us and before them?  Is it guilt?  Is it need?  Is it to give?

Why do we even feel drawn to gather?

Could it be service?  Could it be that the deepest of human needs, human longings is to simply connect?  Could it be the gathering together in recognition of the greatness in us, the little piece of God we are yearning to support and be supported by the blessedness in each other?

Sunday Service.  Today let us honor that most basic and beautiful and bountiful call… to be of service and to graciously accept service.

Sunday Service.   What is Sunday Service for you??