So alright already.  We just spent a day dedicated to nothing but thankfulness with family and a little football thrown in. We got in the spirit. We brought food, overate and were glad to be together.  For some perhaps, a thankfulness that we got through yet another year.  Moms, Dads, cousins, grandchildren…dancing our dance of said and unsaid…dancing our dance of love.

Something lingers unsaid, undone.  Someone was left out.  You.  Me.  Have you given thanks, felt deep gratitude for you?  Have you acknowledged  your own blessedness?  Have you counted the gift that you are to others, to the world? Have you looked into your heart with awe, understanding the piece of God that you are?  Have you understood the miracle that you are to others?  Have you basked in the juiciness of your very being?

Bask.  Understand.  Look.  Count.  Acknowledge.  Give thanks.