…of what you ask? The middle of America.  Kansas to be precise.

The middle of me.  The heart to be precise.

Ordinary stories of ordinary life evolving into extraordinary outcomes.

Erma Bombeck, Bill Cosby, Garrison Keillor and my grandmother engage life this way.  Chocolate cake for breakfast does contain the essential food groups after all.  The garden tomato suspended in air arches toward her sister’s body. I was the heroine of my grandmother’s stories. It wasn’t so much that these experiences were life changing, but rather life engaging.  What more can we ask for, dear reader, than to simply be engaged in Life.

And I confess, I admit, I bold face tell you that at this very typing, this very moment, my heart is beating fast, the cells in my body are alive with anticipation, tears blur my vision…all at the very prospect of engaging with you…about our everyday lives.

I invite you to come outside your garden wall, to dream beyond your kitchen table.  Let’s muse together…from the middle.

With love and warm welcome,                                                                                            Susan