As you approach your home after being away, how does it feel?  Are you beckoned with open arms? Or are you simply facing a long to-do list?

As you cross your threshold, do you breathe a sigh of relief to be once again in your nest? Or are you blasted with overwhelm?

Don’t feel bad if your space doesn’t elicit that home sweet home feel. In the hub bub of contemporary living it can be a challenge to navigate from the door without distraction, let alone having everything in it’s place. Consider if any of the following occur to you with an alarming frequency:

  • When you walk in the door of your home, are you greeted by a perpetual To Do list?
  • Do guilt and shame greet you before the dog can?
  • Is you entrance area one of overwhelm rather than embrace?
  • Are your kitchen counters so full there’s hardly anyplace to cook?
  • Is your easy chair and its surrounding area so piled it’s not welcoming?
  • Do you find yourself shutting your bedroom door  for fear that someone might see the mess within?
  • Do you not have company over because you are embarrassed?
  • Is every flat surface in your home covered?
  • Is your bathroom floor full of wet towels and dirty clothes?
  • Do you spend time looking for keys, the other shoe, and the invitation to tonight’s party?

If your home elicits a feeling of “it’s too much” and “where do I start” then you’re in the right place and we can help. Join us as we clear the chaos of home and heart. We’ll dive into doable chunks and restore your juicy spaces. And best of all, we will have fun and dig in as a team.

Join us every Wednesday, 1PM ET for a  virtual adventure to identify your home’s hot spots and to unearth, through a community writing practice, what lies beneath the clutter. The result: YOUR home = a Juicy Space.

Contact Susan with any questions