“I met Susan Jones as we were “mudding” a friend’s straw bale house. She has become a trusted home helpmate. Whether it was selecting paint colors or gardening; cleaning the house or packing for my move, she has been there for me with the good taste, intuition, and care that I myself would invest in the project. Professional in every way, her artist’s eye and attention to detail has made our new home warm and inviting in ways I would not have been able to envision without her help.” -Kim Kearney, Kansas City


“Following years of collecting, piling, stacking and stuffing our drawers, closets, pantry, craft room and storage areas, our space was out of control and unusable. We realized we needed help and called on Susan. She came in with a mindful ear, pushed past the overwhelm helping us make decisions about what to keep and what to let go. Susan un-cluttered, organized and filed what we had for years piled. She created usable, livable space in our home and garage.” -Ted Brickey


“I would not classify myself as a hoarder, yet I have kept things over the last 25 years that I had every intention of using. The bulk of my treasures included picture frames, lamp parts, craft items, resources from previous jobs, outdated and too small clothing. My house is usually neat and tidy, however I had rooms that became so piled that you could not use them, let alone get in and find what you needed. My husband and I became overwhelmed and called on Susan for assistance. Susan came into our home and was able to be objective and guide us in a professional manner. Susan provided us with a now usable, livable and inviting home. Sometimes you just need help. -Betsy Brickey


“Susan has an intuitive grasp of color and form and an unerring eye as to what is truly ‘unique’ and valuable in a home. Having the experience and a ‘toolbox’ of knowledge she can go to the correct store and purchase just the items needed for your redecorating/restoration/de-cluttering project. She can easily consult with and guide the confused/perplexed along all stages of a project. I recommend her highly! -Andrew Convery Topeka, Kansas”