Welcome to the Juicy Spaces Valentine to You and Your Home.

Welcome to the uncovering of your Sacred Juicy Spaces!

Welcome to the safe sacred circle…

BRIDGELINE:  1-619-566-7047
PIN: 2860598#

Here’s our schedule:

Mon, Feb 14, 9:30am ET and 3:30pm ET:  The kitchen sink

Tue, Feb 15, 9:30am ET and 3:30pm ET:  The entryway

Wed, Feb 16, 9:30am ET and 3:30pm ET:  The mail drop

Thu, Feb 17, 9:30am ET and 3:30pm ET:  The kitchen/dining room table

Fri, Feb 18, 9:30am ET and 3:30pm ET:  The laundry room/area

Sat,  Feb 19, 9:30am ET and 3:30pm ET:  Your bathroom counter

Sun, Feb 20, 10:00-11:00am ET: We fine tune, celebrate, honor our spaces and one another.

Morning times are for zoning in on the specific space, writing for a few minutes, picking up our tools and beginning. Afternoon times are for questions, support and bragging. I will be available throughout the day via email. Ladies and gentlemen, I am so thrilled for us to be sharing our gifts.

You will need :

  • A notebook and pen
  • Clean rags
  • Windex
  • Boxes, laundry basket, large heavy duty garbage bags
  • Sage, incense, or candle
  • Openness and sense of adventure and play
  • YOUR creative juices!

DO NOT BRING: To do lists

Looking forward to transforming your home and heart into a juicy space!  …together.