Valentine to YOU and Your Home
Feb 14 -20

Reclaim the Juicy Spaces in your Home AND Heart
with achievable enjoyable mini projects

Even with all her adventures in OZ. Dorothy still said, “There’s no place like home.” Do you feel a stirring up inside and find yourself eager to curl up in your favorite chair with your warm colorful blanket and a hot cup of tea? Is it pleasurable for you to sit at your kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee, as you write your morning pages? Does your home elicit peace and belonging and yes, even pride, when friends come to visit? Does your home reflect who YOU are?

If your home elicits a feeling of “it’s too much” and “where do I start” then you’re in the right place and we can help. Join us as we dive into doable chunks, clear out the chaos in your home and restore your juicy spaces. We not only look at the physical, but dive into the ‘stories’ behind the disarray. And best of all, we will have fun and dig in as a team. Join us as we energize your space…heart AND home.

We will address small but focal areas:

  • The kitchen sink
  • The entryway
  • The mail drop
  • The kitchen/dining room table
  • The laundry room/area
  • Your bathroom counter

On the seventh day celebrate, honor our spaces and one another.

You will need:

  • A notebook and pen
  • Clean rags
  • Windex
  • Boxes, laundry basket, large heavy duty garbage bags
  • Sage, incense, or candle
  • Openness and sense of adventure and play
  • DO NOT BRING: To do lists

We meet daily, 2 times each day 9:30 AM ET (8:30 CT) and 3:30 PM ET (2:30 CT) . Morning times are for zoning in on the specific space, writing for a few minutes, picking up our tools and beginning. Afternoon times are for questions, fine tuning, support and celebrating. I will be available throughout the day via email.

We’ll meet for a celebration session on Sunday, Feb 20, 10-11AM ET (9-10 AM CT) . I am so thrilled to be sharing our gifts.

If you’re interested in checking out a preview call that I did you can download it here.

Ready to Transform Your Home into a Juicy Space?

We begin on February 14, 9:30am ET
7 days, 14 calls and email access

ONLY $37

“Susan Jones has become a trusted home helpmate. Whether it was selecting paint colors or gardening; cleaning the house or packing for my move, she has been there for me with the good taste, intuition, and care that I myself would invest in the project. Professional in every way, her artist’s eye and attention to detail has made our new home warm and inviting in ways I would not have been able to envision without her help.” -Kim Kearney, Kansas City